The BALKAN “MISH – MASH” Film Production project is about young Balkan film lovers who have the will to shoot their films. The purpose of this project is to give an opportunity to realize an independent film for each one young person, with a very small budget.

The 10 – 12 selected persons will have the chance to produce their films during the festival. These young people will be selected on the basis of a call is published in the website of "Balkan Film Food Festival”. It is important that participants have the desire and passion to realize the film and everyone to know the different tasks in the shooting set. Someone may do know the camera, someone else make up, someone else actor etc.

Besides the specific skills you need bring over: monopod, tripod, camera, laptop, make up set etc., which will be declared as a possibility to be part of the workshop before the selection phase. In this way a group will be completed, able to realize movies. Any of applicants that want to make his film is free to realize that. The festival will provide as a minimum a meeting and post-production space.

The theme is on the lake of Ohrid, Culinary, People and the City, but every participant is free to realize his short fiction film. The best scripts will be decided from the participants themselves. The films realized will be screened the last night of the festival before the closing ceremony. The films will remain as property of the festival while their authors will hold the copyright and can freely distribute in the future.