This festival started in 2011 with the idea to gather film makers and artists from Balkan countries to share and exchange their experiences. With the strong support from the city hall of Pogradec and its major, the Balkan film food festival started its adventure. The first friends and guests pointed out the wonderful location to held such festival. The nature, lake of Ohrid, the city of Pogradec and Ohrid are a wonderful combination for such event. Everything is situated in the center, cinema, restaurants, hotels and other facilities are at a walking distance, so it is impossible to miss anyone or event. All events undergo the curious eyes of the local people who are also part of the screenings and other events. Films, music, local artisans, culinary etc. Strictly Balkan is what evolves in the city of Pogradec during one week. Under such nice atmosphere different artists from different Balkan countries gather together as a sign of tolerance and pacific cohabitation.

Terms of participation

Every artist from the Balkans is eligible for participating in the festival. Feature films, documentary, short and student film is the main material of the festival. Morning screenings in the cinema mostly present short films, and afternoon screenings is dedicated to documentaries. Evening screenings is dedicated to long features where six to eight countries bring their latest release. Artists are encouraged also from the website ( before participating or filling the application to bring over, very Balkan nature, language, philosophy, faces and customs, because this is the aim of the festival. Exchanging our culture and moods is the only way of good neighborhood relations. Form of application is through
every year its organizers decide about the selection of films in base to their content, and they can decide on focus topics of the festival.

Aims of the festival

Beside public screenings the event also aims at:
exchanging of Balkan cultures enriching cultural life in the Pogradec town.
Creating a credible and official ways of eventual cooperation in the field of film co-production.
Discussion of unfinished screenplays for further development, or otherwise for finding ways of financial support through Balkan national cinema centers.
Production of film schools.
And any other idea that will come up during the days of the festival.
Training of young people, under the supervision of professional filmmakers.

Why in Pogradec?

Historically that area it is known for its commercial routes among Balkan countries in the centuries as Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and Albania since the Ottoman empire. Water border frontiers which somehow are meaningless among Albania Greece and Macedonia are the clue to organize such festival in Pogradec as a sign of cohabitation respect and understanding among the Balkan countries. Also the city of Pogradec is the setting for a good number of albanian features. It is also a town of rich art loving traditions and can meet the requirements and infrastructure for such festival.
Early summer period coincides with the end of the touring season, so the presence of the tourists will increase the attention of public. This is a suitable time for outdoor evening screenings as a magic part of the movie life. Finally, it will add to the cultural and artistic life and events in the town.

Organizers and host city

Organizers and other interested “players” have to ensure: accommodation and transport for the invited participants during the 5 – 7 days of the festival. Provide technical equipment for screening films during those days. Space for film screening and for eventual press conferences, or for the meetings and debate on the films screened.
Ensure cooperation with representatives from foreign embassies here to have even their direct assistance in organizing dinners of their countries’ typical cuisine and specialties, dinners going along with film screenings.
Provide festival film catalogue and program leaflets and invitations for two three days’ stay for various personalities of art and culture, politicians, mp’s, journalists etc.
Provide several prizes to be awarded to the winners by the jury.

Who is responsible for the festival?

Responsible for the organization and the success of the festival as an authorized body will be: a board founded by its authors in collaboration with the city hall and other public institutions.
Art-im pulse foundation is in charge in management of the funds

Sponsorship and support in the festival

There is many ways to promote yourself during the festival.

  1. Our festival info center provides the ideal setting for the festival’s credentialed guests; filmmakers, industry professionals, vip’s and members of the press, to relax and network in a casual and comfortable environment. A key component of the festival, the festival info center is the ideal platform for sponsors seeking a significant branding opportunity through naming rights, product distribution and/or the benefit of personal interaction with short fest vip’s. The festival info center is located next to the main entrance of cinema “Lasgush Poradeci”
  1. Your advertisement on screen in the festival’s digital slide presentation before screenings
    Customize your message for short fest audience
    b. Screening of your 30 sec commercial
    c. Banners inside the screening hall

Every donator or supporter of the festival will be also recognized easily in the printed materials of the festival, such material as festival catalog, printed program and poster.
Every donator and supporter of the festival will be present in the website of the festival in the main or home page with its path link.

Outdoor promotion

Outside the cinema in the streets of the city there is also possibilities of promotion.

  1. Odeon screening place
  2. Main square
  3. Main boulevard
  4. City lights
  5. Build your kiosk of promotion (if applicable) everywhere in the city.

Media promotion

Balkan film festival is widely covered by local media, national and public media.

According to latest year experience, Balkan film festival was widely covered by top channel, KLAN TV and VIZION PLUS, and different newspapers.

Other ways to promote your self

Together with the organizers anyone who wants to promote their brand or company name can easily find a way of agreement with the organizers of the festival for explicit or other ways of promotion.


Screenings of the films are divided in two parts:

the morning screenings and evening screening.
The morning indoor screenings timetable is from 11:00 h. Until 13:00 h.
Evening screenings are from 20:00 h. Until 22:00 h.